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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Ehm, biblical canon is more about what a certain church approves or not. There are quite some apocryphical gospels and they are probably closer to Jesus's story than the Gospel of John. Not that I wanna start a discussion about that, I only wanna emphasize that some powers that be label scertain stuff canonical and other apocryphical.
Ehm, no, it's not, actually. Biblical canon is quite above board and is not the result of manipulation by evil doers out to deceive the gullible, despite what Dan Brown maintains. I can say this because it's a subject I had to give a series of talks about a few years ago, and I researched the history quite well and familiarized myself with the gospel of Thomas and other pseudographica. But, like you, I also don't want to deflect this thread into this area and I would like to let the matter rest, but I couldn't let the comment pass without replying to it.
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