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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Look at the list of changes we know already.
1. The ship
2. The ship is constructed on the Ground
3. Kirk knows how to drive a vehicle
4. The Birdge of the Enterprise is radically different
5. Romulan invovlement when we know there have been no encounters before Balance of Terror
6. A seeming contradiction is checkov part of the bridge crew (but it's not)
7. Spock's highly aggressive nature (seemingly)
8. Doctor McCoy has no Southern Accent (that's actually a big one)

With some of these...yes, it is too early to tell and we may never get an answer and that still does not make an actual contradiction. But we do know enough to understand that the movie will defy the 40 years of...somewhat consistent story telling...the question isn't, is's how much more.
Spock in the early days was still trying to balance his emotions out, this is evident in 'The Cage' and even 'Where no Man has gone before'.

I don't see Kirk's driving as the most significant inconsistency, there are plenty of bigger ones already in pre-Abrams Trek. How about the 25 years it took to explain Klingon Ridges?

The Romulans and the Earth fought an entire war prior to 'Balance of Terror' so there was in fact contact between the powers, the Humans just didn't know what the enemy looked like.

I couldn't really pick up from the trailer that McCoy didn't have an accent, as it's a very quick line of dialogue so I'll wait until I hear more before deciding on that one, and since another poster in another thread has quoted an interview with them has pointed out that the writers have explained in the film any significant deviations from apparent history, is it not reasonable to hold off to see what those explanations are? This could apply to the design of the ship, the bridge and the construction on the ground.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but my point is that neither does anyone else really until the film comes out, or pre-release material gives more information. It's all assumptions based on personal interpretation of what's been shown so far.

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