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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I think it is relevant to a lot of people, no matter whether they mind certain changes or not, whether this will be Trek 2.0 and plays more or less in an alternate universe or whether the changes are in the order of former Trek productions.
And it will create division, just like it was with the former prequel ENT which is considered by some to play in a different universe/timeline and be bad and by some to play in the normal Trekverse and be good.
It's irrelevant to me because to make it relevant would also make it impossible to enjoy the movie. I've chosen to disregard the issue of canon on this movie.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Yes, and I just would like to wait to see if the changes are explained, that's all. I'm not in a rush to put the film in the position of resetting everything until I see it first.

Look at the list of changes we know already.
1. The ship
2. The ship is constructed on the Ground
3. Kirk knows how to drive a vehicle
4. The Birdge of the Enterprise is radically different
5. Romulan invovlement when we know there have been no encounters before Balance of Terror
6. A seeming contradiction is checkov part of the bridge crew (but it's not)
7. Spock's highly aggressive nature (seemingly)
8. Doctor McCoy has no Southern Accent (that's actually a big one)

With some of these...yes, it is too early to tell and we may never get an answer and that still does not make an actual contradiction. But we do know enough to understand that the movie will defy the 40 years of...somewhat consistent story telling...the question isn't, is's how much more.

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