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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post
Look put it this way, movie makers have been trying to do something that please fans of their respective franchise. Every single time (be it Matrix trilogy, Indiana Jones 4, the Star Wars prequels, the Dark Tower books) the fans of those franchises respond with utter hatred and anger about how horrible they think the movie (or book) was and how it does not live up to its name. I was starting to at least understand the complaints that they used too much mainstream hocuspocus like more action, cgi, thin dialogue, etc.

And then "X-Files: I Want to Believe" happened.

A movie that had very little action, next to no CGI (if there even was any), stellar acting, high quality dialogue, character driven story, very true to its name. AND THE FANS HATED IT!!! It earns an unbelievably low score at (something that was like in the teens percentage). And people on all the forums bashed it to smitherines.

At some point, someone's going to come along and go, "Okay, we're not going win with them. The fans are going to hate us no matter WHAT we do. Time to go a different route. And if some of the fans who have anything resembling an open mind want to follow us, good for them."

Voila: Star Trek XI

Maybe it's more to it than that. But all I've seen here is nag, nag, nag. And I expect that once the movie comes out it won't be any better. Much worse actually. So, yeah, I hope Abrams does rope in a whole new fanbase. And those of us Trekkies who are of the liberal frame of mind may see some major quality in this new reboot.

Again, it might suck. Wait and see.
I'm conservatively optimistic that a liberal and tolerant acceptance of BOTH old and new fans thus upholding the Democratic principles of Republicanism may be a successful strategy and lead to moderate success.

But I admit I'm of two minds about the whole thing...
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