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Originally Posted by Elizadolots View Post
Spock believes he recognizes Sybok when he first sees the transmission, but is initially not sure, then later, "not prepared to discuss matters of a personal nature". It is clear, however that Sybok and Spock were raised in the same household. LINK TO SCRIPT

It would be perfectly reasonable for Sybok to be shown. Or, perhaps he'll be mentioned when Spock is before that tribunal we see in the trailer...maybe the Vuclan counsel will express hope he doesn't follow his brother's example.
Wow, that's cool. I hope to see him now. Fantastic post, thank you so much.

Trivia Question: Was TOS a "desilu production"? The actor who played Sybock is Desi and Lucy's son-in-law? .... I honestly don't know the answer.
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