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Originally Posted by Thascales View Post
Nero arrives in the past some twenty, twenty-five years before the Enterprise is launched, presumably still the second Constitution-class ship. Allowing five years as a conservative estimate to build a Connie, that still leaves a comfortable ten to fifteen years after Nero's incursion to design it. I suspect that with 23rd-century CAD, that would be more than long enough for any technology - obtained from future-debris, or given to us discreetly by future-Spock, or any other explanation - to be toyed with and incorporated into the design. No wonder the Constitution-class looks so much more advanced than we're used to, it's the first class of Starfleet ship that incorporates 25th century technology into its design.
This had occurred to me -- the theory that most easily explains why the Organiprize looks so much like the TMP Enterprise (nav deflector, saucer and torpedo launcher placement-wise, at least) is because future Spock provided design input and technical consultation. Now y'might say, why would Starfleet listen to some guy from the future?

Easy -- Spock explained himself to Vulcan, not to Starfleet, gave the Vulcans proof, and they created an alias for him and put him in a position to do all that.

There are still things, though, that that doesn't explain. Windshields with HUDs instead of a completely closed bridge superstructure as a theme running not only on the Organiprize but on the Kelvin as well. We also don't know how far back Spock went (i.e., how much time he spent in the past) or how many times.

There are some things an altered timeline just won't explain away. Some things it might. For the most part, though, I agree with those who say don't bother trying. It won't fit completely, it can't be made to fit completely and for the most part making it fit doesn't look -- from the perspective of December 2008 -- like it was ever anyone's intention.

Yeah, throw rotten eggs if you want, hell, make 'em molotov cocktails since it's chilly outside, but all of this tells me that the only resemblance this bears to the Star Trek fans like me knew is in the names and the most elementary basic components of the setting. Other than that, it's something completely different. (Is "something completely different" an acceptable way of saying, "not Star Trek"?)
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