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Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
What can you tell me about The Lost Years and The Return?

Is The Lost Years set between TOS and TMP? What is the main plot of the story?

Does The Return touch on the origin of V'Ger and how it may be connected with The Borg? How is this plotline handled? Is it good?

Synopsis from "The Lost years" book jacket.
Originally Posted by The Lost Years
The Lost years tells the story of Captain Kirk's final hours in command of the USS Enterprise, and how he, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy struggle to establish new lives apart from each other and the starship. We see the newly promoted Admiral Kirk, in charge of a specially created Starfleet division, as he attempts to defuse a critical hostage situation; Mr. Spock, who in the midst of a teaching assignment on Vulcan, finds the one thing he least expected; Dr. McCoy, whose unerring instinct for trouble lands him smack inthe middle of an incident that could trigger an interstellar bloodbath....
It's actually not a bad read. Wish they would have continued with additional stories from that era.

Synopsis from "The Return" book jacket
Originally Posted by The Return
Veridian III: A world has been saved, the USS Enterprise 1701-D lies in ruins, and one of the galaxy's greatest heroes rests beneath a simple cairn of rocks on a lonely hillside. But as a legendary Vulcan ambassador comes at last to the grave of his best and dearest friend, the adventure is only beginning.

For the Borg and the Romulan Empire have joined forces in an unholy alliance against the United Federation of Planets, and their ultimate weapon is none other than James T. Kirk, resurrected by mysterious alien science to destroy the Borg's most formidable enemy, Jaen-Luc Picard.
It's ok and entertaining.
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