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Originally Posted by JSnyder4 View Post
Q: Who like me doesn't care and why?

I sure don't.
Here's why: Because it has gotten to the point of being beyond even a daily soap opera level. One big endlessly long and overly complex story with fans who nit-pick even the smallest of details. Daily soap operas have more of a culturally acceptable fan base because they and the public know it's not taken seriously and it's own history can be re-written wholesale if need be to make the current story work. It's a guilty pleasure for them, not some quasi-religion to be written down in a bible and coveted by acolytes of a Hitleresque secret society.

Star Wars fans are almost as bad, and I am glad to see Lucas giving them the not so subtle one-fingered salute while he's still around and kicking as a reminder that it's all in fun and to not be so serious about a friggin' story.
Hitleresque secret society? Excuse me? Where do you even get off saying something like that.

If Trek fans were a hitleresque secret society they would go around killing fans of other franchises and proclaiming their franchise to be the master incarnation of all scifi. I haven't seen anyone doing that thank the gods.

As for Star Wars...early on Lucas made the distinct point of saying that His films are one continuity and that the Expanded Universe...(Books comics, ect) are another...considering that..Lucas has maintained excelent continuity across all Seven of his films, counting clone wars, and the clone wars television series.

Seriously, you don't like emphasis being placed on continuity, that's fine...but we who find it important are NOT loonies, NOT in a secret society devoted to Trek above all else, and certainly not bowing down and praying to The Great Bird of the Galaxy.

Everyone else..great posts.
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