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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I thought Vulcan is supposed to be in the 40 Eridiani systme. Ther precise location of systems is always a bit vague in Trek and during DS9 one always heard Alpah Quadrant vs. Dominion, but I think it is less ambiguous that the Klingon and Romulan Star Empire are partly located in the Beta Quadrant, while Federation space is also there but more in the Alpha Quadrant.

The terminator line separating the beta and alpha quadrants runs right through sector 001 (sol system). Half the federation is in the beta quadrant and the other half in the alpha quadrant ruffly. Cardassia /Bajor and the wormhole is in the alpha quadrant. their is ruffly 2500 light yeas between Cardassia/Bajor and Earth/Fed. I gathered this from the map of the galaxy in the DS9 tech manual so it is not cannon. They may have shown a map of the Galaxy on voyager in the astrometrics LAB that is the same as the one in the tech manual showing the terminator line dividing the Galaxy making it cannon.

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