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Nicely put together, Kevin.
I think the time references in the episodes and movies are hard to notice and often intentionally kept vague, I remember some discussion here about the rough duration of the events in TUC and opinions went from a few days to a more than a month.
What is more important IMO is the more obvious age impression of the charactors, for example it was clear that Chekov is a greenhorn and that Kirk is a young captain in TOS while e.g. it was more ambiguous how old Spock is. I think the birthyear of Spock comes from Yesteryear, canonized by the Okudas. I have no problem with making Spock as old as Kirk and portray them as kind of equals (which seems very likely IMO), but there is also nothing wrong with assuming that Vulcans just go longer to school due to their longer lifespan such that Spock should be older or with making Spock even a bit more older; as a lecturer at the academy he could have the little mentor role which seems is given to Pike in this movie.
My best guess is that the movie will be as vague as any other Trek movie before and not throw around dates especially because it covers so many time periods. Nothing more tedious than to add a specific date in a log-like manner to each time frame.
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