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Originally Posted by Kukalaka View Post
I hate all this temporal bull$hit, to be honest.
Then there's a pretty good portion of Star Trek that you don't like.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
The time travel part is what's causing all the trouble, if they had just set the script fully in the 23rd Century there would be none of this 'Well, let's put it in an alternate reality because it's not how we want it to be, and we can use time travel as a reason to do that.'. It would be solidly an origin story.
Alright fine. But out of universe that's not what this film was meant to be. It's supposed to be a sort of send off episode the same way "Generations" was. Yes, "Generations" kind of sucked, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a good idea.

This story is a good way to rope in those of us who are Trekkies and do appreciate Abrams linking this to the show in more ways than one. Oh, I do declare, it does seem that Mr. Abrams cares a little bit more about canon than we thought. Oh, my.
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