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K, I'm gonna have to play devil's advocate here. Nero going back in time and introducing new weaponry and technology to an earlier people does not explain the Enterprise look. According to this movie, that's the way the Enterprise was planning to look way before Nero decided to crash the party.

Let's just face the truth here, Abrams decided to beef up the Enterprise.

And bringing it back, The Saint, it is Constitution class if the official creators and producers of the Star Trek franchise say it is. You're not going to stop me from saying that. I get into it with every franchise addition, whenever someone says "this is not canon", it is if the people officialy involved say it is. "Indiana Jones 4" is still Indiana Jones, even if people think it sucked. The "Star Wars" prequels are officialy part of Star Wars canon because George Lucas made it so. The last three "Dark Tower" books are part of official Dark Tower canon because Stephen King wrote them as such. This "Star Trek XI" is officialy part of Star Trek canon because it's officially made so by Paramount and the people involved.
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