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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I'm personally not really a fan of the idea of placing the film in an alternate reality, unless that is confirmed in the final film, but certainly some people prefer to do this so, at the end of the day to each their own.

But I think Saint has some points that even if a future ship came back, I'm not sure how it would sufficiently alter 23rd Century technology in the ways mentioned. If Nero does com back in time more than once, then he escaped the Kelvin the first time, so we don't know if he left anything behind except her wreckage and some survivors.
I'm getting tired of those alterantive TRek movies. I say- let JJ do what he wants to do with the film. if he wants to throw canomn out the door, and you're not a supporter of tht, thats just fine. but soon, a bigger, newer fanbase will enter, and that means more films. so, i say with all due respect, deal with it. this is the new trek, and it most likely will be the new trek for about 20 ( I hope) Years!

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