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Default I come as an Emissary to canonistas and revisionists...

Alright, now that the ridiculously grandiose thread title has attracted at least 2 eyes, maybe 2 pairs if I'm lucky, I simply wanted to offer a point of discussion that can maybe help bridge the gap between those who have legitimate concerns on the straying/changing of canon elements, and those who are ready for a new final frontier as it were.

I'd like to see what this community thinks of the following concept:

I'm putting the sheild up in the 1-in-1 billion chance I'm right in anyway.

Any thoughts? I only ask we keep it civil, and no insults are given to anyone's opinions on the topic no matter where we fall on the spectrum.

I'm loaded with Trek lore, but I'm excited to see what's in store. Other's want to get as far away from 1964 and foam rocks as possible, understandably, and others want to see JJ and crew follow the 'rules' established in stories already told by Gene and his progeny, also understandably.

I'm just doing this to see if, were my guess on this progression to be true, it would satisfy members of both sides on this sticking point.
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