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Q: Who like me doesn't care and why?

I sure don't.
Here's why: Because it has gotten to the point of being beyond even a daily soap opera level. One big endlessly long and overly complex story with fans who nit-pick even the smallest of details. Daily soap operas have more of a culturally acceptable fan base because they and the public know it's not taken seriously and it's own history can be re-written wholesale if need be to make the current story work. It's a guilty pleasure for them, not some quasi-religion to be written down in a bible and coveted by acolytes of a Hitleresque secret society.

Star Wars fans are almost as bad, and I am glad to see Lucas giving them the not so subtle one-fingered salute while he's still around and kicking as a reminder that it's all in fun and to not be so serious about a friggin' story.
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