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Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
Ah. So this is a serious, "pay me" sort of endeavor.
No, it's for free. That's why, as I said, the options were kept short of a novel. I don't expect to get paid to do this; I'm not in it for the money.

I was thinking perhaps you might do it just out of love with hopes of a possible publication.
Well, that'd be another good reason to do a teleplay or screenplay -- again, gratis -- rather than a novel. If I did a novel, I'd probably want to sell that, and again, I'm doing a "Dr. Horrible" here if you'll pardon the possibly obscure reference. This is not at all for the money. It's out of love and to prove a point.

In that case, definitely go with a teleplay. Obviously, if you're looking to get paid, a screenplay would not stand a chance at getting picked up. Star Trek has officially been relaunched on the big screen with the upcoming movie. From what I know of you, your screenplay would not fit into that established universe at all and would therefore be disregarded. A good teleplay, on the other hand, could be picked up by Cawley and company or even by a network.
A side idea, yes. Maybe Cawley will like it; maybe he won't. Since it won't feature the TOS crew, producing it for a webisode would mean finding a whole new batch of actors, not to mention redressing the sets for Pre-Cage time, new props, etc., all of which is a lot to ask Cawley to accommodate financially. It's just too much to hope for.

I would also suggest going all the way back to the days of April just to add more seperation between your story and the film's story.
I'd begun to lean that way myself. There is some information on April that can be used as a very basic framework. But I think what I may do, and I'll have to be very conscious not to step of the toes of author Diane Duane and her work, Final Frontier, is possibly depict April's first major mission as Enterprise's Captain.
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