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Originally Posted by Sybock View Post
Who thinks "Canon" should be shot out a Cannon? That word pops up in almost every post.

Why is so important to some people? And why do people get so upset when it is not followed?
Biggest reason, honestly? Many of us view Star Trek as not hundreds of different stories, but as a single story told over hundreds of installments. In that sense, when one part of that expansive collective story has a tiny inconsistency, such as a middle initial or the color of a button on the wall, we don't much mind. But when a whole installment contradicts everything else, or even when there's a really sizable percentage of a single installment that does, we feel like we're being played for suckers.

As for why some people don't care? Couldn't say, since I do care. But I got warned for hazarding a guess, and so I'll try to rephrase it in a way that shouldn't offend anybody: that guess is that some folks just don't give a rip about the cohesiveness of the story.
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