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Originally Posted by LTJG Iferal View Post


....a-ha! A-HAAA!!!! It's so SIMPLE now! I understand completely! Finally!

NOW I know why, during TOS and the TMP-era, the weapons were never, ever fired from one single station! Sometimes it would be the helm station. In the next episode, it's the nav station. One of the movies showed a dedicated "weapons station", but the very next movie had the weapons back at the nav station. And that's why - Starfleet kept installing new bridges every week.

I can imagine Kirk, sitting in his quarters, when Spock contacts him. "Captain, the new bridge has been installed and is now operational." "Thank you, Spock - by the way, where's the "fire" button THIS time?" I swear, if Star Trek VII had been a TMP-era movie, rather than a TNG movie, the weapons controls would've been on Uhura's panel.
In STNV's To Serve All My Days, Chekov is not only the navigator, but the weapons officer. We all know that James Cawley is a purist so it must have always been so.
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