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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
Just to clarify: all those quotes of mine should be in the SARCASTIC font. All 4 of those directors got paid, and paid well. I was trying to make a point that ALL DIRECTORS get paid, just like all actors.

Sarcasm! That's where I was going with that. You can't seriously think I thought Hitchcock never cashed a paycheck, right?????
If it helps, I read it that way when you first posted. Also, I knew all those directors got paid well, which certainly helped.

Sometimes it pays to directly declare sarcasm, since the dry variety rarely comes off in written form as intended.

More to the point: Hitchcock was a master of his art form, AND he was always incredibly aware he was making commercial, moneymaking films. The false argument presented elsewhere that any filmmaker must choose one or the other path is naive to say the least.

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