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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
But it's a harder sell. Who does better business? Wal*Mart or your local artist's boutique?

Or for movies, which has the higher gross? Some Hollywood crap about exploding cars & boobies? Or an independant European film?
Or, more to the point, "Selling out = more money".

Star Trek has had forty years to show that it rarely, if ever, brings in another demographic to its audience and now, by alienating the folks whom have kept it alive for for decades, will still not bring in another audience. Star Trek has never been "cool" and they can't force it to be by pandering to a bunch of slack-jawed underachievers. I feel like Paramount is saying "We don't have to worry about the Trekkies, they'll automatically take to anything with Spock and a starship. We are already guaranteed their $$$. Now, let's throw in some anacronistic stuff like old sportscars and some motorcycles, with more than a dash of "American Pie" juvenile sexcapades for liddies to talk about at gymn class.

My greatest fears for the "new" Trek involve a planet of fuzzy midgets and lots of bathroom humour.

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