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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post
Four fish in a sea of millions. Not getting paid for doing a job, is going the extra mile and doing something no one expects. And, yes, highly admirable. But expecting someone to do this is stupid. Do job = get paycheck. It's the simplest of equations.

It's a plus to have a job you actually care about and enjoy doing. I don't compare someone whose in a dead end job they want to get out of, but they stay for the money, the same as someone whose in a job they enjoy and don't intend to leave.

He's a money grubber for getting hired and getting paid to do something. I'm a money grubber for accepting a paycheck for doing my job, too. I would have to assume that you're above all of us greedy monsters, you only do volunteer work do you?

Also, on a side note, it would do to know what kind of movie this is. This is not your independant, nonmainstream art film. It's a big blockbuster scifi movie. The same thing the other Star Trek films were. Plain and simple. As someone else said, Paramount hired Abrams to do this. By all accounts he seems to be making the most of it, even if he is causing a rift in the fiction world with canon revisions. He's doing Star Trek the way he sees it.

Since you want to educate me about such honorable directors who did not accept money for making their masterpieces, educate me some more. How about Robert Wise, Nicholas Meyer, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, David Carson, Jonathan Frakes, and Stuart Baird? Did they "not take a penny for their work"?
Just to clarify: all those quotes of mine should be in the SARCASTIC font. All 4 of those directors got paid, and paid well. I was trying to make a point that ALL DIRECTORS get paid, just like all actors.

Sarcasm! That's where I was going with that. You can't seriously think I thought Hitchcock never cashed a paycheck, right?????
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