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Default Kirk on the fast track

I don't believe this particular point has been brought up in the general discussion of Pine-Kirk's age and advancement here, so I'm adding this to the discussion:

In THE CORBOMITE MANEUVER, McCoy and Kirk have the following exchange about the young navigator Bailey:
M: "I'm especially worried about Bailey. Navigator's position's rough enough for a seasoned man."

K: "I think he'll cut it."

M: "How so sure? Because you saw something you liked in him? Something familiar? Say about yourself oh... eleven years ago."

K: "Why doctor, you've been reading your textbooks again."

M: "I don't need textbooks to know you could have promoted him too fast."
Does this dialogue, specifically the ending lines, give implied if not actual support that indeed Jim Kirk rode a fast track through his early career and promotions in TOS, and thus would do so again 'per canon' in the new film?

I ask because I noted some other fans were worried that Abrams' film proceeds too quickly from Kirk being in the Academy to his first space missions to the captain's chair, all in one film.

Yet might such a scene as the above indicate that's exactly what was implied if not fully intended about Kirk's career all along? Not only did such a rapid rise seem to take place, but it's actually part of 'textbook' history in the fleet... a fact McCoy knows all too well.

Also, it would seem to make sense that Kirk's drive and devotion would make him a fast-rising officer, and thus his age/inexperience would naturally be both challenged and questioned during his ascent.

In short, there's little "special" about a cadet or junior officer who takes exactly the average amount of time to rise in ranks through his/her career... and Kirk is by all evidence a very special case officer, so of course he would push the limits and exceed the standards.

Thoughts and opinions?

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