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Originally Posted by Kukalaka View Post
The bridge has obviously been at the top of the saucer section since the classic zoom-ins through the roof or when the Reliant takes bridge-messing-up-ing phaser fire in Wrath of Khan.

What's the rational 'canon' explanation for putting the command crew at one of the most exposed points of the ship?
Dunno. We do know the bridge on the Enterprise was modular -- maybe in the event of an extreme situation it was also intended to serve as a self-sufficient (for short periods) lifeboat. We also know that on at least some ships, the saucer itself could be separated from the rest of the ship. I'm betting that in events like the Enterprise-D's saucer crash in Generations, the Bridge would be one of the safest places to be.

What's the rationale for having a relatively fragile (compared to the surrounding superstructure) windshield in the front of the thing?! If having the command center in such an exposed location is bad -- and it sure ain't good -- isn't giving potentially hostile ships the opportunity to literally look your command crew in the eyes A Whole Lot Worse? O.o
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