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Originally Posted by Ferrous View Post
Legacy would have been better if they would have let you choose the ships you fought against in the skirmish mode. I got tired of the computer always selecting the same ships. Boring.
That's why I downloaded about 50 fan-made starships from
Now I have many more choices, and have much more fun in skirmish mode. I flippin' love ST: Legacy on my PC, especially in skirmish mode! They have mods that make it a whole new game. You see, if Bethesda got the license and made a game, we could replace the new Enterprise with the old one, the new crew with the old one, the new weapons with the old ones, if we were purists. Or do interesting things like introducing Star Wars ships so we could finally see how badly a Star Destroyer would get it's butt whooped by the Enterprise! Cool stuff, eh?
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