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Originally Posted by LTJG Iferal View Post
Hmm...that's interesting.

I guess that means the bridges on these ships are oriented forward:forward relative to the ship itself. Stop me if I'm wrong, but a LONG, long long long time ago, I think I remember seeing like a bridge "floor plan" in some "Geek's Guide to Things That Aren't Real", which showed that on the TOS Enterprise, the bridge turbolift (which looks offset, not directly behind the captain's chair) is actually amidships; that means the bridge itself is actually offset about 40 degrees to port, so that when you're in the captain's chair and looking at the viewscreen, you're not facing straight ahead, but you're actually facing off to the left somewhere. Please tell me if my imagination invented this.

If it did not, and the bridge is genuinely oriented that way, is there any really good reason why? It doesn't seem to make any sense. I mean I suppose it doesn't matter, because it's not a window, but a viewscreen - the bridge could be facing backwards and still work fine. But it just seems very odd from a construction standpoint that the bridge would not simply for the sake of propriety be facing forward. I cannot think of a single reason why functionality or practicality would require rotating the bridge 40 degrees from forward.
It was the production's explanation as to why the interior shots of the turbolift were offcenter and the exterior shots showed the turbolift to be directly behind the someone figured that the bidge was not facing directly ahead to explain this.But you're right it doesn't make sense from a contruction standpoint....As for camera angles and dramatic purposes, it was to be able to look past the captian's shoulder to see who was coming out of the lift, instead of someone entering the bridge directly behind him....and that's all I got to say about that.
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