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Default Caption the Star Trek Picture Thread Game

Okay, what I've seen is that there's like a million "caption the picture" threads started but they're only over one picture and then the thread gets forgotten after all possible captions have been exhausted.

So here's the way this will work:

I'll start off with a picture here, you caption it and follow up with a picture of your own. The next person to caption your picture, adds a picture of their own. And it goes on and on.

Note: it'd be cool if we could keep them all as Star Trek pictures, but I understand if that won't happen.

So here goes nothin.

01001110011011110010000001101101011011110111001001 10010100100000011000100110110001100001011010000010 00000110001001101100011000010110100000100000011000 10011011000110000101101000
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