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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I don't think the change in effects houses contributed to the lower box office either, just that personnally they didn't look as good as FC. The Vulcan ship and the engine coolant at the end of FC are indeed weak spots, but the Borg battle in FC is, to me, much more realistic looking than the battle in Insurrection.

I agree. To me, the Borg/Starfleet battle sequences are the best effects to date. I really wished it would have gone on another five minutes.

I love it when they use models, however, when they are used for exposions, they tend to look weak. For its time, TWOK was incredible, but the model explosions were a tad fakey in my opinion. Also, that huge Chekov ear left a lot to be desired of . .
As long as there are no huge ear models in the new film, we should be ok.
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