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Originally Posted by lordisaiah View Post
Actually, according to the interviews I remember, Paramount came to Abrams and said, "We want you to direct our next movie." and Abrams said, "I want to do Star Trek, but only if I have complete creative control over it."

Paramount then said, "Okay, you've got it."
Well, Paramount always gives complete creative control to whoever they choose to produce any particular Trek movie or series. I have a feeling the board at Paramount does not particularly feel like sitting through and scrutinizing a bunch of technobabble-laden scripts that they don't understand anyway. But think about where they're coming from: under some particular person's creative control, the gold mine started to run dry, and the cost of digging began to outweigh the amount of gold that was being dug up.

Consider this new film a geological reassessment of the mine. Even if it fails, this movie SHOULD at the very least make its budget back. If it makes tremendous amounts of money besides - viola! New gold mine. If it makes no more than its budget, then Paramount will have lost nothing, and will know once and for all that the new television/film market for Star Trek is no longer solvent.
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