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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post
We're sitting here warring about canon, and it looks like canon is not the actual issue here. At least not anymore. The canon debate has almost been exhausted and we are seeing the symptoms of such exhaustion.

And now that one side seems to be coming to terms with the fact that canon revision has always been used in Star Trek, the true complaint comes out: Abrams and company is simply doing this to make a quickbuck.

This means that Abrams and the rest of the crew and including the cast are all lying. They're telling us that they want to make a Star Trek movie. But their true agenda is to help themselves to more of that pie in the sky.

The evidence to this: canon revisions.

Apparently revising canon isn't Abrams' attempt to shape a Star Trek story to his vision. It's simply a device used to market it to the mainstream demographic.

They could give a rat's behind about Star Trek. Just slap on the label, put some characters in that apparently have the same names as characters created by some guy called Gene Raspberry - Razzleberry? Rogerferry? Turd Furgison! That's it! - and sell it. Right? (Have I correctly displayed the general feeling of those who we no longer need to call "canonites"?)

This is where conspiracy theory comes in. Yes, Abrams said "I'm more of a fan of Star Wars". This does not equal "I abhore Star Trek." By all accounts Abrams is a geek like us. He's into the scifi scene.

It's been made clear that he wants to take this story and make it his own. His style of drama can be spotted a mile away. Lost, Alias, Cloverfield, Mission Impossible III (as much as I wasn't a huge fan of that movie), even Dawson's Creek (ick, lucky I'm just typing it, I can't stand DC and can't even say it out loud), have one thing in common: Abrams' character driven drama. It's clear in terms of drama he cares about making the watcher identify with the characters and know their intimate details.

The point is that Abrams cares about drama. In all of his movies and shows it's quite apparent that he cares about the story.

Now, that all being said, is Abrams still using devices to market the movie to a broader audience? Um, are Vulans uptight?

Yes! Of course he's trying to market to a broader audience. He's said this much on several occasions.

Has Star Trek always done this?

I have yet to see a movie trailer, a Star Trek movie trailer at that, that doesn't try to throw at the audience the product's romance, explosions, suspense, and fight scenes in an attempt to draw in more audiences. Not even:

Star Trek has always done things to try to widen its demographic:

And kick *** battle scenes:

Please... Star Trek is mainstream, it always has been.

While Abrams is obviously trying to market this movie to more audiences, it's clear that he also cares about making a good quality movie.

P.S. For those thinking that I'm tossing Abrams' salad, know this. My true fear about Star Trek XI is not canon or whether or not Abrams' is in it for the money. My fear is about the dialogue. So far from this trailer I've seen a lot of cliches: "buckle up" and what not that could actually ruin the movie.

Also, as much as I praise Abrams' drama, his style seems to be consistent, in that the characters seem to all be from the upper middle class to the extremely rich. They all seem to have the words I GOT IT MADE BUT DON'T HOLD IT AGAINST ME stamped on their forheads. From Dawson's Creek to Lost to Cloverfield, these characters are obviously not from my neighborhood. In fact, his casts are everything I hate about reality television. If he could try and attempt to put just a bit of blue collar element into his drama I'd identify with it more.

Don't get me wrong, I was a faithful Alias fan and am a faithful Lost fan. Most of his movies (MI:III was "eh") were great in my opinion. But he has a style that makes me hard to identify with his characters.

That's all.

Well said and great post. I hope he makes some bucks on this film. Something terrible may happen if he does . . . another film. OMG!!!!!! Taking on a ST film was a huge risk, and having done so, I have no doubt he wants to make the best film that he can that will appeal to the widest audience possible . . who wouldn't.

The look of the film and effects will be top notch, thus, lets hope the actors can pull off the essence of the characters they are playing. I think that is the wild card in this film.
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