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Originally Posted by radoskal View Post
look here

Now between the three of em, I gotta say. The Original is fine and upstanding, the refit (my fave) is spectacular, and the New one...well, from the picture it does in fact look like nothing to write home about.

The engine Pylons look droopy, the saucer section out of place. Yet, at the same time when I see it zooming around in the trailer, It takes on a totally new life and somehow becomes much more identifiable as a constitution class starship. It's like the motion actually breathes a bit of sparkle and life into the otherwise, saggy model, leading me to believe that we should all take a deep breath, and wait to judge the ship when we can see it, to be blunt, on a really big screen, and for more than a few frames at a time.
You know, I've been looking at this set of ships all right next to each other for a while. I'm had something on my mind, but until right this moment, I haven't been able to articulate it.

That is, the last one - the "A" - is the only ship of the set that even looks like it has any depth or chance of being "real". The newest Enterprise (the one in the middle) looks like a toy, and the classic Enterprise looks like an old toy.
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