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Default Just Curious...Has Anyone Heard from the "Old" Keepers of the Flame

Just wondering if anyone out there has heard the opinions of other members of the Trek Universe - TOS or former versions of Star Trek - about the new movie? Specifically...

1. Anybody hear an opinion from the Okuda's about the changes being made to canon?

2. Any quotes from Majel Barrett Roddenberry or Eugene Roddenberry about the new version?

3. Anything from Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Brannon Braga, or Ira Stevens Behr?

4. How about the old timers, like D.C. Fontana or Bjo Trimble?

5. Other than Nimoy and Shatner, any other original cast members voicing opinions?

Everyone seems to have an opinion. I was wondering if anyone knows what the former people involved in Trek productions are thinking...
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