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Originally Posted by lordisaiah View Post
Why do so many people automatically associate sleek with better? In aircraft design there are plenty of aircraft that "looked" sleek and turned out during testing to be lemons.
Ever since the mid-80s or so, it has been assumed that in the future, everything will be curvy, stylized, and stretched where before it was flat, straight, and simple. That's just what the future is assumed to look like. Car manufacturers, in particular, seem determined to make this reality; each year sees new cars that contain fewer and fewer abrupt changes in a vehicle's general shape, so that logically by 2020 or so we'll be driving perfectly ovoid cars, unless the aesthetic changes.

In fact, a very good example of this is the way the Next Generation Enterprise looked, in contrast to the old Enterprise. The "future is curvy" rule was not in effect in the sixties - a time when people imagined robots with tin-can-shaped eyes, big and obvious antennae, and large boxes of controls on their chests. The vision of the future at that time was that there would be more technology, but not that said technology would be more stylish than current designs; therefore, you've got a starship with a Main Engineering section that looks for all the world like a drawbridge control room. But the future-is-curvy rule WAS in effect when TNG was created, so the Enterprise was made all curvy and stretched so the audience could more readily accept that this was supposed to be "the future".
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