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Originally Posted by MissionTrek08 View Post
Dare you consider the possibility that it might end up better than what you've seen? It's certainly one possibility, if you're still open to considering all possibilities.

Again, conclusions are being made on incomplete information -- or would you not agree that the detailed conversations we'll be having about this film in May will differ significantly from the ill-informed talks we're having now?
God, I only hope that it turns out better than what I have seen so far! And yes, I'm still open to possibilities - that's why I still write on these threads and haven't given up yet.

All I'm basing my opinion on is what's been revealed to me so far. And from what I've seen, and in my humblest opinion:

1. The "new" design version of the "old" Enterprise sucks.

2. The "new" set design for the bridge, hallways, etc sucks.

3. The many, many changes to what has already been established in the Trek universe (Kirk driving, Kirk on board Pike's Enterprise, the whole crew coming together at the same time under Pike, Kirk going directly to the Enterprise, the drydock on Earth and not in orbit, and so on, and so on...) really irritate me.

If we can get past all the inconsistencies with some brilliant plot twist that has yet to be revealed, and if the movie turns out to be a good "Trek" movie and not just another ok sci-fi movie, I'll be the first person to post apologies and admit I was wrong.

I'm trying really hard to be optimistic - really hard...
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