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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Would be nice, then, if they'd go the full monty and put their own name on the mailbox and get this thing off Roddenberry's lawn.
I'd really, really hate to have to go this far...but it seems, it has to be done.

Gene Roddenberry has been dead for 17 years. Almost half the life of the franchise. How much longer are you going to wait before you let him be buried? He's been decomposing for quite awhile - in more senses than one.

The fact is, you have no idea - absolutely none whatsoever - what Gene would say about this movie, as far as what is acceptable and what isn't, if he were alive in today's world. NOBODY does. You might think you do - but I'm sorry, that's "arrogant presumption", as Kirk once said; you simply do not know. Further, you CANNOT know. His own people didn't know what he would say from one day to the next about the acceptability of his own material.
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