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It's not that they are going to hunt down and burn every copy of TOS on video/DVD. Heck George Lucas can't even do that with his Star Wars Holiday special, and he's physically trying.

The issue is...fine, a new generation gets a new Star Trek for themselves. What do we get? Suddenly our money isn't as good as somebody elses money? We have to content ourselves with nothing but remastered edition after remastered edition. Furthermore, and on a sillier note, at what point do we start "losing" trivia contests because our answers are now "incorrect" because we gave an answer from TOS and not NuTOS.

I realize there's a perception that people who deeply love TOS are all approaching retirement age, but I certainly ain't. I have a good 40 to 50 years at least of money to throw at Star Trek. What do I get? A pat on the back, a sad smile and a toss into a padded room?
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