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Originally Posted by matty View Post
i think you and a few others are finding this new trek movie a little hard to understand. The original model was a sleek beasty, but the times have changed, we have moved on, we are in 2008 and a new trek is coming. we have the characters and a ship, with some subtle tweaks, we shall see how it all pans out. If you want to use a car analagy, check out the original dodge charger, and then the latest version. Same car, moved with the times..something that sometimes its a good thing to do...

"Subtle tweaks"? I would really hate to see what you would consider "major modifications". And I think you mean the Dodge "Challenger", not the Charger. The original Charger was a sleek two-door musclecar. The new Charger is a four-door sedan. But the new Challenger is the old Challenger with smoother lines. However, not a good analogy. Since the new Challenger represents over 30 years of technological progression. The Enterprise in this movie is supposed to represent the ship before the voyages of Kirk and crew. So it should not look like a 24th centure ship from TNG. We are supposed to be looking at the history of the future according to Star Trek. That future has been filmed and is visually accessable. This movie takes place before what we have already seen. It should look as such.

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