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Originally Posted by lordisaiah View Post
Saint is referring to the fact that they are coming up with new aliens that were not present or mentioned by any other series, particularly TOS.

The Denobulans were never mentioned on Star Trek prior to Enterprise, and suddenly they are founding members of the apparently, they went upstairs never to be heard from again.

The big problem is how many of the 100 or so worlds in the Federation at the time of Kirk (if there were even that many) are inhabited by creatures virtually identical to humans. There could have been Betazoids on Kirk's Enterprise, and we'd never known it, because it never came up. Same goes for Trill, we know Dax was on Earth during the 23rd Century, but we never saw anyone with that kind of makeup. (Of course, apparently violating her own statement, we see Dax hiding her spots, which suggests that while humans may have known about the Trill, they were not Federation members and certainly not part of Starfleet. Then again, Curzon was a Federation ambassador, so maybe no spots was simply a choice the Trill went by at the time.) And what of the dozens of aliens mentioned during TOS that simply "go upstairs" themselves.

Are you referring to the episode were they had the transporter accident that sent them back to the twenty first century before the Bell Riots.
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