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Originally Posted by kjh1701 View Post
Yep, I totally agree. Spock should have served about 11 years under Captain Pike, originally as a junior science officer, before James Kirk ever showed up. Pike's First Officer was Number One. And Sulu was in astrosciences. And the Medical Officer was Dr. Boyce, not McCoy. (Hell, if you wanted to get really techincal, Dr. Piper was in between there too - after Boyce in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" before McCoy arrived) And there was no Uhura or Chekov either.

But like you said...NOOoooo...Everything's different now. It's magic - the old team just magically gets dropped in there all together at the same time! So don't expect Finnegan, Gary Mitchell, or anyone else. Like I keep getting told, they take great pride in telling us "This ain't your father's Star Trek."

But don't start complaining - you'll get yelled at for being a Canonist, Canonista, Loyalist, ar any number of other names for daring to invoke loyalty to all the stuff you used to know...

And I agree - I don't care what they say - that just isn't the Enterprise.

And it NEVER will be.
Agreed. JJ and co. care nothing about the established Star Trek timeline. I'll bet Talos IV is not even mentioned in this film. It will probably be erased along with everything else we know as fact in the Star Trek universe. Carol Marcus will be absent, as will Gary Mitchell and any other character that Kirk mentioned in TOS.

Originally Posted by TAReber View Post
Spock served under Pike's command for 7 years, 4 months and 5 days as i learned. Its true Pikes accident was during kirks 5 year mission. Does anyone know what captain James Kirk served under first when he left the academy?

Kirk met Pike when he was promoted to fleet captain so its possible that Christopher Pikes 5 year mission started after kirk graduated from the academy making it possible for kirk to meet Spock after graduation also.

I guess its safe to conclude that Talos IV was the middle of Pikes 5 year mission 13 years ago. Possible making kirk around age 20, and that would mean that kirk met him at an earlier age. We can conclude that kirk was at least in the academy to be able to meet pike when he did.

I gotta figure this time line out, I gotta know if it is still possible for kirk to have a relationship with spock early on in his star fleet career. I would like to know if the movie is going to be possible to line up with the TOS episodes.
Spock served under Captain Pike for 11 years, 4 months, 5 days. the events on Talos IV (which probably never happened, according to the new movie) happened 13 years prior to "The Menagerie" which was set in 2267. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Kirk was an ensign aboard the Republic and later served on the Farragut under Captain Garrovik prior to commanding the Enterprise. You'll never figure the timeline out after seeing this movie. And no, this new movie will not line up with the established history set in the TOS episodes.
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