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Originally Posted by Big D View Post
Did you see the original trailer for The Wrath of Khan? Non-stop exploding ships, consoles, and dudes. Supplemented with Angry Khan voiceovers. It captured the theme and pacing of a handful of the film's scenes, but ignored all the depth and character - the Carol and David subplot, the Genesis device, the confrontation of age, obsolescence, and death. Basically, it was a trailer that said next to nothing about the movie...
But were all of those things, effective as they were, what the story was about? The David and Carol subplot was the root of the Genesis Project and a ruler against which Kirk's aging was measured -- but the Genesis Project only served as the means by which Khan worked toward his goal of revenge against Kirk. Similarly, a parallel of that ruler was applied to Spock with the character of Saavik. While aging, mistakes of youth and the fear of the end of usefulness were the deeper themes of the story, the premise was, "what happens when unfinished business comes back demanding answers?" The trailer captured the story perfectly, even if it did only address the surface version of that premise.
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