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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
My gut tells me it'll depend on how this film does, leaning toward original canon for the books, seeing as Star Trek XI is geared toward general audiences, and general audiences are less likely than dedicated fans to pick up a novel or comic book based on a franchise.

If this film is a huge commercial hit, then very likely novel covers and comics going forward will depict the new look and likenesses. If it bombs, I'm pretty sure Pocket and comics publishers will go on as if the film never happened.
This is basically how I see it, too...

Though if the movie works out, I could imagine the 'current' novel series expanding to include the new film as well. The cover art and title font would be the only significant means of distinguishing them, though - since, on the page, the two could be nearly indistinguishable. Aside from any detailed descriptions of people and places... though the current novels get those points wrong often enough as it is.

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