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Originally Posted by Kukalaka View Post
Original assault on the Death Star, with all its faux WWII dam-busting attitude, is still more enthralling than any space battle Trek has put onscreen.

That said, Star Trek is about Kirk/Spock/McCoy more than anything else. Lifelong friendship, the human spirit, teamwork, sacrifice...real values.

They both have their appeal.
Oh no. That death star assualt was stupid by default and boring. No musical accompliment at all and completely unrealistic. But you're right better than ...most things in Trek.

Originally Posted by Star Trek View Post
I walked out Star Wars back in '76.

I wouldn't say that.
It was simple...the plot of the movie was "Save the Girl;Save the Planet."

Originally Posted by tejdog1 View Post
Why can't you like both?

The "war" is ridiculous.
You can "love" both but if you love either you take a shot to your intelligence.
It's just entertainment. I try not to invest that much emotion into either franchise.

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