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Everyone keeps sayin it's a bad pic or 'bad angle', but one thing I would like to point out is that the refit version(ST 1-3) looks good from any angle, it has no bad angle IMO... in that way, amung others, it's a superior design to me... unless this new ship pic is somehow a distorted version(why would Paramount allow that blunder?)... or the jutting forward deflector is doing that cause it's about to shoot something and usually isn't out that far... I still don't think it's that great a design.. and I have seen it in the trailer as well, and I noticed how when you think you're about to see a nice side shot of it, the film conveniently blurs or zooms by too fast to see... hmmmm hiding that bad angle I guess. lol

Anyways, if the entire movie never shows this angle I guess all is well... besides, it's just a ship I guess, just wish the design was better as I was looking forward to getting the ship toy. Yes I still like toys, sue me.
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