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The TOS Connie, looks very utilitarian. It looks like an exploratory research vessel with offensive/defensive capabilities. Very trim, a very astute and very no-frills ship. The kind of ship such an organization as the Federation would send to far away places to explore, examine, research and report. A good all around vessel.
The TMP Connie, has all of that, and more. She doesn't look any more or less capable of scientific work, but she looks far more well equipped for chance encounters with known or unknown hostiles. The refit always looked like an avenging angel to me.
The Abramsprise, looks like a failed experimental craft that was too expensive to throw away, but not quite good enough for front line fleet operations. A factory second, so to speak. The feeling I get when I look at her is the same feeling I get when I see the Constellation class. A nice idea, and it looks great on paper, but when you get it put together it's kind of like that cadillac Johnny Cash sang about that he put together one piece at a time out of cars from different years, It's just strange. If I were to liken the ships to automobiles, I'd say:
1. The TOS Connie is like a good solid long bed heavy duty pickup.
2. The TMP Connie is like a 60's muscle car.
3. The Abramsprise is like an Edsel. Or the unfortunate love child of a Porsche 911 and an Edsel. Because it does have aerodynamic sweeping lines, but there's a lot of flying brick here as well.
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