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Well, like I had said in a different thread, when it comes to canon, even in the movies there were issues. One in particular I noticed when watching ST IV and ST V back to back. Obviously they don't use money in the 23rd century as pointed out by Kirk to Catherine Hick's character at the pizza joint and him having to pawn his glasses. However, when watching ST V during a scene in Paradise City there is a TV playing a commercial in the background advertising I think it was new homes and saying if you can get a federation loan. So if there is no money...why need a loan? Things like this will happen, and it's such a large following, and after40 yrs and so many shows and movies and books, I know Abrams just picked and chose from books and his own ideas more than anything b/c he did mention Orci and the writing team had 2 favorite books they took info out of.
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