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I like BOTH Trek and Star Wars. I have every Star Wars movie on DVD. I have every Trek movie on two disc DVD set. I own all 7 seasons of TNG and 1 season of ENT. I enjoy them for different reasons. I wouldn't mind more adventure in Trek. In that way I have no problem with this new movie being a bit more like Star Wars, but I do like Trek for reasons that are not shared with Star Wars. I would NOT want those values, the "soul" of Trek to be lost simply for it to do well at the box office.

I don't want to sound elitest, but I don't think the majority of movie goers "get" Trek. When people are confronted with something they don't understand (they don't understand why we like it) then they put labels on it in order to make it less "threatening". When people in school in called me a nerd for liking Trek, I told them they could call me whatever they wanted. I would tell them the same reason they came to me for for help with math homework was the same reason they didn't "get" Trek. I do think the "nerd" stereotype came out of a bit of truth. Most Fans of Trek I have met are thoughtful, sincere, sensitive, and yes...even intelligent people. If that is "nerdy", so be it.
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