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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
It certainly makes a nice change from simple ridges somewhere on the face!!!
Hell yeah
It's still a very humanoid face - two eyes, ears and nostrils, a single mouth, all in roughly the same places as they are on us... but a very alien appearance nonetheless.

Another fiendish blow against canon - he was born in the "Beta quadrant", yet in the Original Series quadrants were a different kind of unit, rather than referring to entire quarters of the galaxy like they do in the Next Generation era. Oh noes!

As for the rest of the crew... George Kirk really looks the part, and visually he's got a lot in common with both Shatner and Pine. Nice.

Johnson's headset is an interesting touch. It's an earlier era than what we're used to, so it seems they're relying less on the ship's built-in communications. There're probably advantages to your helmsman (and other crew) being able to communicate with the rest of the ship, without the bridge speakers distracting everyone else. To me, it also suggests they won't have a dedicated communications officer in charge of that kind of thing...

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