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Originally Posted by lordisaiah View Post
I don't think this guy was against thinking about new ways to do things, but he wants it to be more...improvised on the spot if thats the correct term. But then again, he has made it clear to me in other conversations, if you're not working, having sex, or working on having're wasting your time.
"infatuated with what could be", those were your friends words. Of course he is not going to curse the cellphone or laptop he uses on a daily basis, but his words imply that our "infatuation with what could be" is somehow a bad thing. We don't live in "the here and now", that implies we are not grounded in reality. How old is your friend anyway? His ideas about, work, sex, and working for sex are quite hilarious, if not narrow minded. I was of a like mind at one point in my life, that is why I ask his age. Trust me, there is wayyyy more to life than work and sex, but sex does rank really high on my list!!
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