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Originally Posted by vuedoc View Post
All your points are very valid in my mind. Unfortunately, this movie warps (no pun intended) history to such a degree that I couldn't begin to explain it. My understanding is that the incident on Talos IV took place 13 years before the events in The Menagerie, during which Spock was on board, not as 1st officer, I would guess a lieutenant or so. At the same time, Kirk would have been about 20 and probably in the middle of his academy training. Checkov should have been in grade school at that point. Kirk should have been born in 2233, making him a pre-teen when the Enterprise was first launched, so yeah, I would think that the ship appearing in the trailer should NOT be the Enterprise..... (John Belushi imitation) but NOOoooo... Everything's different now.

After seeing everything we've already been shown, I'd be shocked it details such as Finnegan and Gary Mitchell were even contemplated.
Yep, I totally agree. Spock should have served about 11 years under Captain Pike, originally as a junior science officer, before James Kirk ever showed up. Pike's First Officer was Number One. And Sulu was in astrosciences. And the Medical Officer was Dr. Boyce, not McCoy. (Hell, if you wanted to get really techincal, Dr. Piper was in between there too - after Boyce in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" before McCoy arrived) And there was no Uhura or Chekov either.

But like you said...NOOoooo...Everything's different now. It's magic - the old team just magically gets dropped in there all together at the same time! So don't expect Finnegan, Gary Mitchell, or anyone else. Like I keep getting told, they take great pride in telling us "This ain't your father's Star Trek."

But don't start complaining - you'll get yelled at for being a Canonist, Canonista, Loyalist, ar any number of other names for daring to invoke loyalty to all the stuff you used to know...

And I agree - I don't care what they say - that just isn't the Enterprise.

And it NEVER will be.
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