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Originally Posted by MonsieurHood View Post
They're overhauling her again? My God! That ship is already more than 50 years old! She just might be the oldest operating naval vessel on the planet!
And considering all the battles she's took place in, and all the trips she's made to places around the world, and all the humanitarian missions she's been part of, the American people have certainly gotten their money's worth out of the CVN-65! And then some. And now they're overhauling her again? That means she'll be operational for at least another 5 or 6 years! Thank you Big E!
I thank it's just a refulling, they have to do that every ten years or so. She was built in 1961 not quite 50 yet (although it may be 50 years since the keal was laid), and there are ships older (some countries are still using WWII ships and there are a few pre 1950 submarines left). Best I can remember from the last major overhaul of the Big E, she is suppose to be around until the 2030s.

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