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Like the poster above, I see most on-screen items as canon. Because Gene said so, I treat Star Trek V apocryphal, but I otherwise use the universe as-is with very, very few exceptions. One notable one, though, is that I refuse to believe the existence of the abomination that was the ENT finale.

The only other changes are my inclusion of the Caitians and Edoans as part of my "official" Trek races (don't remember enough of TAS...I was still very
little when it came out)...I have a special affinity for Caitians, as I played one in an online free-form RPG for nearly 10 years, actually creating a language and culture for the race over the years.

I haven't really tackled the debacle of Nemesis just yet, but I'll probably change the details surrounding the event slightly to make it more of a palatable coup within the Romulan Empire (assuming I run any RPGs set in that time).

So, I have a few differences with established canon, but not many.
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